Beginners guide: Installation of IIS in Windows Server 2012.

Important details in Installing the IIS in Windows Server 2012 that you shouldn’t forget.

  1. Go to Server Manager. Point at The Dashboard.1






2. Add Roles and Features Wizard will help you to organize from the features they provide.


3. In Installation Type you will see the Role-based or feature-based Installation and Remote Desktop Services installation. Choose the Role-based or feature-based Installation.


4. In Server Selection select a server from server pool.


5. Then in Server Roles select the Web Server (IIS) that’s what our purpose to install IIS.


6. In Add Roles and Features Wizard select a feature. The .NET framework 3.5 features.


7. To confirm installation selections just click the Install if you want these optional features.


8. The installation progress will show that you are now starting to install.


9. In your URL just type the localhost and the logo of the IIS will appear.9

Thanks for reading this blog hope it help you to answer your questions…


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